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We'll Be There Repair Service

Another feature exclusive to Pool Magic is our “We’ll Be There” guarantee. (Available to existing regular valet customers only).

We hear all the time how unreliable service companies are with not turning up on time, taking days or even weeks to show or even worse not even having the common courtesy to keep you informed of what is happening.

Instead at Pool Magic we offer you the “We’ll Be There” guarantee.

What this means is that one of our service technicians will:

If Pool Magic fails to deliver on any of the above promises we will supply the first hour of your job Free of Charge.

Consultation Service

With over 25 years of swimming and spa pool experience in domestic, commercial and school pools, Pool Magic has the knowledge and expertise to aid you with your pool needs.

Looking at a new property with a pool but know very little about them? At Pool Magic we can meet you on site and supply a written report on the condition of the pool and its equipment so you do not experience any nasty and expensive shocks once you move in.

Looking at building a new pool? Once again we can help you with advice on who are reliable pool builders, the most reliable equipment to use and special features you may want in your pool.

Tired of chlorine? We can advise on all the latest developments in the field of chlorine free products.

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Use our experience to receive quotations on all your pool and spa needs. Pool Magic uses only the most reliable products on the market to ensure you have a trouble free and cost efficient experience.

We can quote on:

Contact enquiries@poolmagic.co.nz

Pool Plumbing, Equipment supply and installation.

At Pool Magic we have many years of experience in the supply and installation of pool and spa equipment and plumbing. A few of the projects we have being involved in is the Sky City hotel pool, Hilton Hotel, Metropolis Grand, Lara Fergusson Trust, Saint Cuthberts School for Girls, Saint Kentigern College for Boys, and many domestic pools. We have also assisted many home owners or their builders to build their own pool with advice on hydraulics, supply of equipment and installation.

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Pool Renovations

From painting your pool to full tile, coping and plaster replacement Pool Magic can help you.

In house we can advise and supply a free quote to paint your pool or spa with two pot high build epoxy pool paint.

For pool tiles, coping and the latest plaster finishes we can recommend honest and reliable pool builders who we know supply exceptional work.

Contact enquiries@poolmagic.co.nz

Pool and Spa Equipment Repairs

At Pool Magic we can service and repair all brands of pumps, filters, heaters, lights, and dosing systems including salt chlorinators. Due to the high standards we set ourselves we are now the preferred service agents for five different pool and spa equipment suppliers. We have a comprehensive test bench at our premises at 183 Marua Rd from which we can analyze and repair any pool equipment.

Filter Media Changes

At the heart of any filter is the filter media. Once upon a time the only media available was sand. Now we have a range of filter media to suit different applications.

Sand media comes in two grades, chip and sand. The chip is laid around the under drain to allow the filter bed to lift during backwashing. The sand comes in 0.6 to 1.2mm.

Filter sand will filter to microns

The second type of media is Zeolite.

Pool Leaks

Do you think your pool has a leak?

Unfortunately apart from the water and wasted chemical costs a leaking pool can cause serious erosion issues which can result in damage to paths and surrounds, retaining walls and gardens.

Here are a few simple tests you can do to determine if your pool or spa is leaking or not:

  1. Turn off your pool pump and mark the water level in the pool (a bit of tape in the skimmer works best).
  2. ¾ fill a bucket of water and place by the pool steps, mark water level.
  3. Check the pool after 24 hours and measure any water loss. Normal water loss through evaporation is 5-7mm per day at the height of summer, 2-5mm day at each end of the season and no loss over winter.
  4. Check the level of the water in the bucket. It should be around the same as the pool.
  5. If no water loss run pump for 24 hours then check water level again.
  6. If the water level drops check the waste line (filter backwash line) as water may be escaping down the drain when the pump is running.
  7. If this is not the case but you still have excessive water loss you may need to call us to check the pool fittings, pressure test pipe work and check the pool structure.

At Pool Magic we have a very systematic approach to finding your pool leak which saves time and money. We have all the equipment and knowledge to dive in pools, dye test and pressure test pipe work. We can also repair cracks in pools and faulty expansion joints.

To save yourself from unnecessary costs don’t delay, let Pool Magic solve your pool leaking problems.